We found internet companies and partner with founders to launch theirs

Venture Studio

Connecting purpose driven organizations with top talent

We are on a mission to support the advancement of purpose driven brands making the world a better place. We leverage our relationships in design and technology to do so.

Jason Eastwood
Keith Ward
Baltazar Pazos
Venture Studio

Helping individuals monetize their passions locally

Brtr is a marketplace of talented and passionate neighbors, delivering local offers you can’t find anywhere else.

Rachel Federman
Venture Studio

Iterating on a newer model for building companies

We are a team of strategists, technologists and creative problem solvers who love to build companies that make a positive impact on the world around us. Our model as a Venture Studio is to optimize the idea validation process so we can establish and spin out industry defining businesses. We are focused on creating niche internet companies that are easily operated and then assembling a team to operate them.

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Framework Studio, at a glance

We focus on launching internet companies that have a simple business model, high margins and a unique advantage

Product validation

We strategize, design, build and test ideas quickly and once we hit certain thresholds the branding and product are further polished and handed off to an internal Managing Director or CEO to run and grow the product.

Assembling a leadership team

We seek out individuals who have lead and scaled design, product or technology disciplines inside early to mid stage startups. We then place them in leadership teams within our Studio or Partner companies.

Funding and scale

Our goal is always to bootstrap our products first and self fund them but we understand that certain growth paths require significant funding to scale; for this, we leverage our extensive network of investors.

Venture Partner

A different kind of co-founder. We are your built-in founding team.

Framework brings technical experience, capital, resources, and talent together—partnering with founders to build and launch meaningful companies. We originally launched Framework as a digital product design and technology agency but quickly realized that we brought much more value when we came alongside founders as a technical and design partner to help them strategize, plan, build and launch their products.

Product Strategy
Project Management
Post-launch Optimization
Business Intelligence
CRM & Loyalty Programs
Interface Design
Interaction Design
Rapid Prototyping
User Research & Testing
Design Systems
Information Architecture
Technical Architecture
Decentralized Applications
Web & Mobile Development
API & CMS Development
DevOps Architecture
Machine Learning

We work with a variety of companies at different stages in their development. The types of founders we usually look to partner with have a minimum viable prototype and are looking to raise or have raised a seed round. We focus primarily on marketplaces, the future of work, decentralized blockchain applications and smart contracts. We rarely partner outside of these parameters but are always on the lookout for interesting ideas and stellar founders to support.

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"After years of working with an A-list agency and hiring freelancers, I met Framework and they are the dream partner and genuinely good people. They pour their expertise into everything they do and produce design and development that is the top tier...and they do it quickly and humbly."
— Rachel Federman, Founder & CEO of Brtr

We’re a team of technologists and creative problem solvers seeking to make a positive impact on world around us

Jason Eastwood
Co-Founder, Partner
Keith Ward
Co-Founder, Partner
Baltazar Pazos
Co-Founder, Partner